What exactly is muscle strain?

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We have all had instances where we have moved, not as our usual graceful selves, or slept funny and realized we’ve possibly strained a muscle. When we refer to having “pulled something” or “thrown out our back or neck” this can often be because of muscle strain. So, what does that mean? It is usually an injury at the junction where the muscle meets to tendon which fixes the muscle to the bone. When the muscle is activated and starts to contract and expand, this is when we feel the discomfort. How do we do it? Strain can be either over working or over stretching the muscle. It is easy to do, but there are also varying degrees of injury.

To read more about muscle strain have a look at this article What Does Muscle Strain Mean? on whymassagetherapy.com.pain-3009613_640

Good news! Muscles strains can be effectively treated through massage therapy. Releasing tension in the area will allow the tendon and muscle to re-establish their natural strength and form. If you have any discomfort that you think may be muscle strain, book yourself an appointment with your Vancouver Massage Therapist. In the meantime, remember the R.I.C.E. acronym (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) to provide you with some relief. Of course, consult your doctor, whenever you feel it necessary.

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