Muscle strain

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'Dancer' - Beth Scupham, Flickr

‘Dancer’ – Beth Scupham, Flickr

No need to try to describe the feeling of straining a muscle as we all know what it’s like.  What were you doing when it happened?  Lifting groceries out of the trunk?  Reaching for a glass on the top shelf?  Doing the ‘slip on the ice shuffle’?  It hurts, it spasms, and it can really take the wind out of your sails.  A strained muscle is an unwelcome guest that invites itself to your party, and the sooner you politely show it the door, the better.

If you heard a loud ‘pop’ and/or see bruising in the area, this indicates a serious strain and you should seek medical attention.  If the strain is less severe, apply PRICE (protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation) ideally for 20 minutes every hour for the next 24-72 hours.

Subsequent to this period is an ideal time to see a registered massage therapist who can alleviate spasm, reduce swelling, and treat other body regions that are directly or indirectly affected by the injury.  Over time, your therapist can can break up the scar tissue your body produces to heal the injury, returning the muscles to their original pliability.

Please read this article from Massage Today for a detailed look at muscle strains, their severity levels, and the appropriate treatment required.


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