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While our Vancouver clinic doesn’t have the massage therapy capacity to care for our four-legged friends, it is amazing to see how animals too respond and heal through touch therapy. The relationship between tissues and muscle that we are familiar with still exists regardless of the form it takes and the outer appearance.

Students from a massage therapy program at Globe University in Wisconsin, were featured in an article about how they took their outreach program a little farther. They visited a farm and helped provide care for horses alongside a veterinarian who practices traditional Chinese medicine and uses bodywork in treating her patients. Based on what the students knew of the human body, they were able to feel their way through the structures, especially in the front legs of the horse, as they closely resembled the makeup of the human arm. Working with animals is also a valuable exercise is being able to let the body guide you to any problem areas as working with animals is, of course, a nonverbal practice.

Many forms of bodywork include their veterinary counterparts. We strive to keep our pets active and exercised and this can bring along discomforts for them in muscles and joints. Why not have a therapist you can go to that will give your four-legged family member a little tender love and care rather than a pain killer to help them work through the discomfort? Seems like a great idea- maybe we will see facilities like this pop up sometime in the future?

Photo credit: yannick974

Photo credit: yannick974

Broadway Wellness is a multi-disciplinary clinic in Vancouver, BC offering services for the two-legged species (but encouraging bodywork for all!) in Registered Massage Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine and Chiropractic Care through Network Spinal Analysis. Contact us with questions or come visit!

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