Massage Therapy Improves Stability in the Aging Population

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A new study came out recently that targets our older population. A fall at an older age can very much be a life changing event. This study sought out to test for the possibility that massage therapy on a regular basis could decrease the frequency or duration of injury from falls.

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The group found that massage therapy can help in this way by improving stability and balance. In conjunction, the treatment also improved blood pressure and heart rate in the study population. Balance is attributed to a number of mechanisms in the body including neural, muscular, skeletal, visual and more. It is encouraging to learn about new treatment options that work holistically with the whole body without having to rely on pharmaceuticals.

To read the article and the details of the study, you can find it here: Massage Therapy Produces Short-term Improvements in Balance, Neurological, and Cardiovascular Measures in Older Persons.

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