Vancouver Massage Therapy: Massage Therapy for Headaches

Vancouver Massage Therapy Article of the Week:  Massage Therapy for Headaches

Headaches come in 3 common categories: Tension headaches, often related to neck tension; Sometimes very painful migraines headaches; and sinus headaches.  Massage therapy can help, and a treatment approach can be focused based on the type of headache presenting. A craniosacral, osteopathic, or muscular focused massage focused on the cranial base, and musculature and connective tissue layers of the neck can often help with tension headaches.  Some migraines can be alleviated by craniosacral therapy.  Sinus headaches can be sometimes alleviated with craniosacral therapy techniques focused on the cranial base and frontal sinus areas to promote drainage.

Many Vancouver RMT’s and practitioners at Broadway Wellness are able to focus their treatment approaches to help alleviate different types of headaches as they present.

For more information on different types of headaches and how they can be treated please click below to link to the article and read on.

Link to article here.

Article credit: Melanie Gallant at Myocare in Toronto.


Broadway Wellness is an integrative healthcare clinic founded in 2004, focused around a group of Vancouver Registered Massage Therapists, also offering Osteopathy, Registered Acupuncture, and Naturopathic Medicine, in Vancouver BC, along the Broadway Corridor.  Broadway Wellness moved and expanded to 3 blocks East to 610 2525 Willow Street in Summer of 2019.

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