C-Section Scars + Recovery

Vancouver Massage Therapy Article of the Week: Many women miss the importance of caring for themselves after undergoing a cesarian section procedure.  Of course, with a new born to care for it is understandable that self-care might take a back seat for a while; but hopefully with awareness, more women can achieve speedier recoveries and more effective healing of the scar tissue.We have previously shared a blog on the formation of scar tissue and the obstacles it presents. Scarring, while essential in the immediate wound healing following a lesion, can become rigid in its structure and cause firm binding, or adhesion, to surrounding tissues. Every body is different in its reaction to a wound, as characteristics of the scar tissue vary from person to person. If left uncared for, some scars can become very dense, and rigid, which can cause an array of symptoms such as musculo-skeletal pain, or digestive disruption.

The article titled, C-Section Recovery – A Holistic Viewpoint gives some great insight into why it is important to care for scar tissue, and some easy ways to manage care- whether it is self-care, or with the help of a massage therapy practitioner. The keys points of care that they mention are : Massage, Acupuncture/Acupressure, Breathing Meditation, Nutrition, and Patience.  Click the link above for an interesting read.


Broadway Wellness is a friendly and community focused multi-disciplinary clinic, offering services in the heart of Fairview – near Broadway & Oak. Vancouver registered massage therapists are trained in a number of massage techniques including those that work to soften these tissues and minimize adhesions. Naturopathic Doctors are also an amazing resource for acupuncture and Bowen therapy in conjunction with nutritional care when focusing on scar tissue mobilization. Our Vancouver clinic was established with a strong foundation in Registered Massage Therapy, and also encompasses  Naturopathic Medicine, and Acupuncture as a multi-disciplinary clinic.

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