Improving Breathing and Respiratory Problems through Massage Therapy

Breathing: such a natural part of life, and something so intuitive we are hardly even aware of. Take a moment and think about your breathing. Are they long, relaxed breaths, or are they short and shallow? We never think about our breathing until we begin to have problems with it.

Quickened, shorter breathing can be an indication of anxiety or stress, respiratory problems such as asthma or bronchitis, or even simply seasonal allergies. This may be occurring due to tightened or tense muscles around the rib cage or abdomen, which massage therapy can aid with.

Massage therapy can lengthen and reduce tension in those respiratory muscles, both improving your breathing patterns and your posture. Your ribcage expands, and your lungs have more room to draw in breath. Deeper, more focused breathing can also help battle daily stress.

Have a read through the article, Massage Therapy Promotes Deeper and Easier Breathing, which tells you all about the science behind improvement of respiratory problems through massage therapy.

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