Massage Therapy Article: Fascial Contraction and Musculoskeletal Dynamics

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Massage Therapy Article: Fascial Contraction and Musculoskeletal Dynamics

According to a paper by Robert Schleip PhD et al,  Fascia Is Able to Actively Contract and May Thereby Influence Musculoskeletal Dynamics.

Fascial tissues form a ubiquitous network throughout the body.  Does fascia possess the capacity for cellular contraction? Could it play an active role in musculoskeletal mechanics?

Compared with muscles, bones, disks, ligaments,  connective tissue structures (fascia), have received minor attention within musculoskeletal research.

Fascia is usually considered to be an inert tissue. However, there have been indications of a more active role of fascia due to an inherent ability to actively contract.

This study elaborates on the distinction between active and inert tissues in the body, and suggests the role fascia plays in low back support in particular.

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Many Vancouver Massage therapists at Broadway Wellness incorporate myo-fascial techniques into their approach to the musculoskeletal components of the body.   The article discussed here is helpful for manual therapists in understanding how fascia acts in the body in relationship with more active musculoskeletal components.

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