Massage therapy and “text neck”

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iphone-410311_640The average person spends 4.9 hours a day looking down at their phone, whether that be texting or surfing the internet. That means for nearly a fifth of your day, your head is being forced into an unnatural downwards position, which can cause muscle tension and neck pain and put unusual pressure on your spine.

This leads to a phenomenon called “text neck” – your neck is supports the weight of your head, which is about 12 pounds, but for every inch your head is lowered while looking at your phone, it adds another 10 pounds to the pressure on your spine.

If you’re feeling pressure or soreness in your neck, try to look at your phone in a neutral position, or spend less time texting – not an easy solution, since often we are under pressure to constantly be available and connected to our friends, family, and work.

To find out more about technology-related injuries, read the article: The Text Neck Explosion – And Other Injuries of the Digital Age.

Vancouver Massage Therapy Article of the Week: Text Neck

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