Massage for Expectant Mothers

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Prenatal massage is much more than an opportunity to get off your feet. While this is a welcomed opportunity for most expectant mothers, here are some therapeutic advantages to seeking out massage therapy.

The list of possible discomforts that can arise with pregnancy is a lengthy one and each expectant mother is affected differently. As the uterus and the abdomen expand, and the body changes with a growing child, the body is put under new stresses which can be physical, mental and emotional. Through the hands of a Vancouver RMT, these symptoms can be relieved to allow for a happy and healthy continuation through pregnancy. Outlined below are some of the ways a massage therapy treatment can help:

  1. Reduce Swelling – improve circulation and decrease edema and swelling in the extremities
  2. Relieve Sciatic Pain – reduces inflammation and pressure around the sciatic nerve in the low back
  3. Reduce Stress Levels – increased feeling of calm, helps to minimize headaches, improves sleep
  4. Reduces Pregnancy Complications – lower risk of premature delivery
  5. Pain Relief – reduces muscle cramps by increasing flexibility
  6. Improves Overall Health of the Mother – lower risk of hypertension, varicose veins, acid reflux

Compassionate touch is important to incorporate into the childbearing months. For more information on Pregnancy Massage, have a look at the article: Surprising Benefits of Pre and Postnatal Massage.

Broadway Wellness is a friendly and community focus clinic with roots in Registered Massage Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine and Chiropractic Care. We have a number of very skilled Vancouver RMTs available 7 days per week looking forward to working with you in an effort to reach your individual goals. Please contact us with any questions!


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