Managing Gout with Massage

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Gout is a medical condition of acute inflammatory arthritis episodes that result in a hot, painful and swollen joint. The episodes present themselves when uric acid crystallizes and deposits in the joint impeding movement of the boney structures and associated tendons, ligaments and muscles. While the pain and discomfort may not be chronic, the bouts of pain are recurrent and often debilitating depending on the affected joint. Recent studies have highlighted the effectiveness of massage therapy in relieving gout pain.

It all begins when there is excess uric acid circulating in the blood stream. There are a number of potential causes for increased uric acid levels (due to diet, genetics, or under excretion on the part of the kidneys) but the true reason as to why needle shaped salts form from the uric acid has not been confirmed. The forming of salts does tend to happen at lower temperatures which is why it is more commonly seen in the extremities. Because of the shape and rigidity of the salts that hold up in the joints, moving that joint can be very painful.

Massage therapy have proven to be great alternative therapies for managing gout. There is no cure just yet but those who suffer from gout will tell you that any means of relief is well worth trying out! Massage therapy targets the whole body to create calm and also works to help circulation and blood flow to the surrounding tissues and reduce muscle spasms. Often the tender joint is too sensitive to apply major pressure to the area but in a more holistic approach, massage therapy is an excellent resource.

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