Magnesium Rich Foods

Naturopath‘s Tip of the Week: Magnesium

This weeks post features a guest piece from Broadway Wellness’ own Dr. Krista Moyer:

Magnesium is my favourite mineral! It has so many functions in the body, & I find that people are so often showing signs of deficiency. Magnesium is the main mineral used by your adrenal glands. In a hectic life, your adrenal glands require a lot of magnesium. Your muscles also love magnesium, and when deficient, your muscles will easily feel tight, sore, and some people often experience insomnia, cramps & headaches.  Supplementing with sufficient, and highly absorbable forms of magnesium can be a great addition to your overall health.

If you’re not sure if you’re eating enough of magnesium rich foods, here’s a great little infographic on healthy foods high in magnesium.

-Dr. Krista Moyer, Naturopathic Doctor


Please check out the original post on Dr. Moyer’s site here.

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