Lower stress with Network Spinal Analysis

Photo:  José Luis Pérez Navarro, Flickr
José Luis Pérez Navarro, Flickr

As chiropractic care has evolved over the years, one common misconception is that the practice is limited to chiropractors simply moving bones and joints.  It is now evident that quality chiropractic care can improve brain function, by restoring regulation of the body’s response systems, in particular, the response to stress.  Countless research findings are conclusive that stress is the cause of many diseases and illnesses.

Network Spinal Analysis (or NSA) is a beneficial form of chiropractic care that doesn’t employ any kind of ‘cracking’ that many people associate with chiropractors, and instead uses gentle and painless work in the areas where the spine meets the spinal cord.  This should be comforting to those who are seeking to improve their health by lowering stress, but are intimidated by traditional chiropractic.

Here is an in depth Q and A about NSA that might help you decide if it is right for you.

Vancouver Network Spinal Analysis article of the week


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