Lessen Lower Back Pain with a Few Simple Changes

Lower back pain can be a tricky thing to shake. It is often a condition of repetitive movement – or lack there of – and something that can be relieved but wriggles its way back into your life sooner or later. If you find that ant-inflammatory medications are what really help you get through a tough spot with lower back pain, try adjusting a few things in your day-to-day life, a small modification could make all the difference.

The Institute for Natural Healing recommends 5 Ways to Help Ease Lower Back Pain. By keeping aware of when and how you can make a change to lessen stress and strain, you can help bring your back back from chronic irritation. The most important adjustments that the article recommends are:

  1. Cut Out Inflammatory Foods
  2. Exercise
  3. Add Krill Oil
  4. Take a Stand
  5. Eat More Tart Cherries

All of these choices work primarily to create an environment in the body that boosts its innate anti-inflammatory functionality, and to promote intermittent movement during the day when you might regularly be maintaining the same position. A small change could result in a huge reward if it means you spend less time suffering from lower back pain. _____________________________________________________________________

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