Introducing Dr. Heidi Lescanec, ND to BW: Welcome Dr. Heidi!

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Introducing Vancouver Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Heidi Lescanec, to BW: Welcome Dr. Heidi!  See letter from Dr. Heidi below

Vancouver Naturopathic Medicine Article of the Week

Vancouver Naturopathic MedicineIntroducing Vancouver Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Heidi Lescanec, to Broadway Wellness:

Hi, I am Dr Heidi.  I’m excited to join the vibrant team at Broadway Wellness! 

A bit about me:  I’ve been a practicing naturopathic doctor for twenty years, with a background in professional cooking and community health that extends even longer. My clinical focus is digestive health and culinary nutrition, and how these areas support all systems of the body, including hormonal wellbeing, mental health, and easeful aging.  

Through both my clinical work and my personal experience, I have gained a deep awareness of the fundamental role of diet, nutrition and how we practically live our daily lives. Blending my passion for cooking and medical knowledge, I work to support healthy changes through culinary guidance and naturopathic counselling.

One of my favourite creative activities is cooking and creating recipes. This passion began when I was a teen. Last summer I compiled a cookbook/magazine with some of my favourite recipes published over a decade of writing health articles and recipes for EcoParent Magazine.  There is a copy of this in the waiting room and copies are available for purchase at the clinic and on my website,

My biggest joy is teaching people how our body works and how to support our interconnected systems: digestive, nervous endocrine (hormone) to live whole and vital. None of us come in with an owner’s manual for this human “operating system” and when we get niggling whispers or (symptoms) we are often taught to press snooze or turn down the volume rather than tune into what our body/mind is telling us and respond to its needs so the messages don’t have to increase intensity to get our attention.

 I am currently working on a book about how to nourish through transition times- how to keep grounded and whole as we move through disruption and transition. The transitions I am speaking of here can include various hormone changes: menopause, fertility journey/loss, being diagnosed with a terminal illness or a medical condition that disrupts life as you know it, such as autoimmune conditions, or diabetes, and other experiences of trauma or upheaval such as loss of relationship, divorce, job loss, fertility loss, or death of loved ones.  By both experiencing and witnessing, being accompanied by many wise teachers and guides, and supporting others on their path, I have learned a lot about the medicine that brings upward growth and what foundational practices allow us to flourish even in the wake of change.

I look forward to connecting with  more of you in the time ahead, even if just to share a new recipe or favourite ingredient.  Though welcomed, no transition challenge or story of disruption required.:).

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