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Here at Broadway Wellness, we are pleased to introduce our Interim Massage Therapy Vancouver program. This is a treatment offering from recent NON-Registered Graduates from the RMT program who are waiting to write their board exams. These treatments are discounted at $75 per hour. Our Interim Massage Therapists have all of the training and qualifications of a Registered Massage Therapist. Please note that their treatments cannot be billed to extended health benefits or MSP at this time. Our interims are skilled therapists who are inspired to treat clients, and also learn from the established RMT’s in our therapeutic clinic, while they wait to write their board exams. If you enjoy having massage treatments and don’t have extended benefits, or wish to make your benefits last through the fiscal year, consider some treatments with an INTERIM Massage Therapist. Meet our Interim Massage Therapists below and Click here to book an appointment!

Hailey is a recent graduate from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Hailey enjoyed the outdoors and playing all sports growing up including competitive volleyball, recreational soccer and basketball. Hailey’s athletic experience, and working in the healthcare field as a Medical Office Assistant for Vancouver Island Health Authority, allowed her to recognize her passion for working with people in a physical capacity. After some sporting injuries, Hailey learned the importance in rehab and preventative care first hand. This experience had her taking serious initiative into recovering her body and injuries through therapeutic treatment and relaxation. She is a strong believer that having a well rounded and supportive group of health care professionals/therapists is essential. This ultimately led her to her passion of Massage Therapy. Hailey also has experience in orthopedic injuries, prenatal care, central nervous system and systemic health conditions.


Colin grew up in Burnaby playing all kinds of sports. He played baseball in college where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts. This led him to perform in musicals across Canada for 13 years. Colin found success in working with massage therapists to improve his recovery and performance in dance and athletics so he enrolled in Vancouver College’s Massage Therapy program where he recently graduated with honours. He is currently doing bodywork and studying while waiting to write the Board Examinations in September. Colin is interested in working all along the kinetic chain to help achieve better function and reduced pain. Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain, a new injury or just relaxation Colin would be happy to work with you.


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