Hospitals Acknowledging Value of Massage Therapy

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It is encouraging to hear that hospitals are embracing the care that is provided through massage therapy. Hospitals are warmly welcoming massage therapists into their health care professionals team as the research is undeniable and the demand is there! The number of patients requesting massage to help with their conditions has been gradually increasing over recent years. Increasing also have been the number of physicians requesting a massage therapy presence in the hospitals. As we have mentioned in previous blogs, massage therapy is a fantastic drug-free alternative for pain relief. It is effective post-surgery, for issues pertaining to arthritis and joint discomfort, neck and back pain, and even for mental and emotional imbalance.

This system has been adopted in the United States for now. Click the following link to learn more about what is happening in the US: Hospitals Embracing Massage. Potentially we can get Vancouver massage therapy integrated into the healing hospital environment in years to come.

Broadway Wellness is built around an amazing group of highly qualified, friendly Registered Massage Therapists here in Vancouver. They are always looking out for your best interest and the most efficient road to a quick recovery. Our clinic has expanded to promote the importance of chiropractic care and naturopathic medicine also. This helps you to get a spectrum of effective and beneficial treatment under one roof. If you would like to book your next massage therapy appointment, please book online or call us at 604-732-5222.

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