Tasty Superior Alternatives to Olive Oil

Olive oil has been the go-to, mainstream healthy fat/oil out there for a while now- with coconut oil now stealing some of the spotlight. As it turns out, there are healthy fat options out there that have a significant leg up on olive oil. Wading through all the information that is out there as to what is good for you, what isn’t, what you need and what you don’t can be tricky to get straight. What we do know now is that having more healthy fats in your diet can actually make the process of burning stored fat easier for the body.Some of the options for healthy fats that are recommended in the Institute of Natural Healing article called The Best 5 Fats (That You Aren’t Eating) sound like they would be next to impossible to find; however, take a look around your local store and they may have been sitting on the shelf beside your trusted olive oil all along. Give some of the following a try, and click on the article link above to find out why each of them can do great things for your health.

Photo credit: Nate Steiner
Photo credit: Nate Steiner
  1. Ghee
  2. Avocado Oil
  3. MCT Oil (like coconut, or palm kernel)
  4. Macadamia Oil
  5. Raw Cacoa Butter

You don’t have to be eating a salad, or pan frying your dinner in order to incorporate healthy fats. Melting down a small amount and blending it in with your juice or smoothie is a pretty discrete way to get it into your diet too!


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