Great Essential Oils for Summer

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As summertime finally starts to set in, everyone seems to adjust just that little bit. The warmer days and nights are not only great for BBQs on the beach and trips around the sea wall, but to change up or start using essential oils. AromaWeb describes what we want in a summer essential oil perfectly as a blend of “light, energizing, herbaceous, floral, and cooling”. Mmmm, I can smell the mint and citrus already!

Have a look at this AromaWeb article, Essential Oils for Summer, for the benefits of each different type of oil, lots of ideas, tips, and recipes. They even have some ideas for natural insect repellent because it is that time of year!

You can use essential oils in a diffuser to envelope your home, by adding a few drops into a bath, your lotions or shampoo, or by adding a few drops into your favourite unscented massage oil. Essential oils can add a whole new dimension to massage therapy. Try adding some aromatherapy to your massage at home! Have a look at the recipes below.

Calming Massage Oil
6 drops of Petitgrain
5 drops of Orange
4 drops of Neroli
– add to 15ml of your favourite carrier oil, blend, and massage into shoulders and back

Massage Oil for Sore Muscles
2 drops of Ginger
4 drops of Cinnamon
3 drops of Cajuput
3 drops of Chamomile
– add to 15ml of your favourite carrier oil, blend, and massage into tender area

Click here for more massage oil recipes.

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