Good Health Starts with a Healthy Gut

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Many people seek the advice of a Naturopathic Doctor when they have digestive concerns. Digestion is linked to a whole range of factors in the body and may not be solely related to what you are eating. When you work to improve digestion, you are in turn, creating a number of changes in the body.

When the gut is healthy and happy, so are you. A large portion of our body’s “good bacteria” is located in the gut which then dictates our immune response. We need all these good bacteria in order to fight off any bad bacteria that may enter our system. The gut also has the significant role of producing the majority of our neurotransmitters that help to regulate mood.

Dr. Krista Moyer recommended a short article, How to Heal Your Gut and Heal Yourself. In this article they advise on the 4R approach: remove, replace, reinoculate, repair. Click on the article title to learn more.

Photo credit: camerakarrie

Photo credit: camerakarrie

For any further questions please feel free to contact the Naturopaths in our clinic at 604-732-5222. Broadway Wellness has expanded its scope of practice in recent years to include Naturopathic Medicine and has since welcomed two compassionate and very talented Naturopaths Dr. Krista Moyer and Dr. Mark Cseszko- both are accepting new patients at the clinic.

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