Feeling Sore Following Your Massage?

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So, you have just had a great massage, and worked out all those kinks that have been bothering you- but the next day your muscles are a bit stiff and sore? Why?

This most often happens after your first massage but may occur at other times as well. Massage therapy is a passive form of exercise – the therapist is moving and kneading your muscles in ways that they are not used to- it is more than an ordinary back rub! This movement is similar muscle behavior that is present when lifting weights or exercising in a new way. The soreness should subside within a few days.  However, if this is something that you want to avoid in the future, there are a few things that you can try.

Photo credit: Nick J Webb

Photo credit: Nick J Webb

If you are able, having regular treatments at intervals recommended by your therapist will allow your body to adapt to the movements the body makes during a massage treatment. Another thing that is always important to remember is to communicate with your massage therapist. If you felt that your treatment was a little too “deep,” let them know. Sore or not, drinking plenty of water following your massage therapy treatment is always a good idea. This will rehydrate your tissues as well as aid your system in flushing out any metabolic wastes that may have been churned out of your system during the massage. Another tip that can help you out post-massage as well as post-workout is taking a warm bath with about a cup of Epsom salts. Epsom salts can also work wonders for flushing out any wastes from the muscle tissue- take a look at our previous post on The Benefits of Epsom Salts.

All in all, it is perfectly normal to feel a little sore post-massage. Try a few of the tips above to make the days after a treatment more comfortable. For more information on the topic, visit: Why Are You Muscles Sore After Massage.

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