Fascia Reseach Congress- Vancouver 2012

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The third annual International Fascia Research Congress is being held in Vancouver for the 2012 chapter.  The conference is hosted by the Massage Therapists’ Association of BC and encourages RMTs to participate each year for continuing education and awareness of the latest scientific findings on human fascia and its various functions. Vancouver RMT, Monica Cleland will be attending this conference and will employ her experiences there both in her practice and here on our blog! Check back at the beginning of April for a summary of conference and the latest in the world of fascia.

Fasica- as we have mentioned in previous posts- pervasive part of our composition as humans, and as a result it becomes inevitably involved in injuries and strains.  Some Massage therapy techniques focus on the way fascia can be manipulated and released.  Many Vancouver RMTs at Broadway Wellness have training in these techniques- call us or book online for your next massage therapy appointment.

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