Estrogen Overload: Controlling Your Consumption

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High estrogen levels can be displayed physiologically in a number of ways, both in men and women. Common knowledge leads us to believe that estrogen levels are naturally higher in women than in men and your body will produce only what it needs- end of story. The missing piece to the puzzle that is often overlooked is the fact that estrogen exists in foods and in the environment, and can supplement our natural levels in an unnatural way. An imbalance in hormone levels has been the source of an increasing number of concerns as of late.

While the estrogen we consume or absorb into our bodies is not the same molecule that we produce naturally. It is called an estrogen-mimic. In order to avoid the symptoms of high estrogen levels- ranging from breast size in men to PMS in women- we need to focus on limiting our intake.

The blog posting Excess Estrogen- An Epidemic! by Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Kristy highlights tips on how we can control and limit excess estrogen intake. In short, these include:

  1. Eating Organic
  2. Eating Organic, Hormone-free Meat and Dairy
  3. Avoiding All Plastics
  4. Replacing Your Plastic Water Bottle with Glass or Stainless Steel
  5. Switching to Natural, Chemical-free Cosmetics and Personal Hygiene Products
  6. Eating Cruciferous Vegetables

If you have any questions about hormones, or think that your hormone balance may be the cause of your symptoms, contact your Vancouver Naturopath. Dr. Krista Moyer and Dr. Mark Cseszko are available and currently accepting new patients at Broadway Wellness.

Broadway Wellness is a friendly and community focused, massage therapy based clinic, with additional focus on Naturopathic Medicine, and as Chiropractic care, offering services in a beautiful and expansive centre, conveniently located in the heart of Fairview – near Broadway & Oak, in Vancouver BC, Canada.


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