Emotional Eating: How Can You Shift This Naturally?

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Vancouver Naturopath‘s tip of the week: Emotional Eating

This week’s post features a guest piece from Broadway Wellness’ own Dr. Krista Moyer:

When we are eating due to our emotions, we are checking out. We are avoiding the deeper feelings below. Emotional pain hurts! And for some people, emotional pain is far worse than any physical pain. When we check out via food, drugs, alcohol, sex, or even exercise, it is a temporary reprieve from our pain. It creates a temporary dissonance. However, on the other side of that reprieve, remains the reason why you felt you needed to check out. What you are met with, is the feelings of guilt of indulging yet again in your substance of choice.

In some ways food is the worst drug of choice! We can quit smoking, abstain from alcohol, & stop taking drugs, but we can’t just stop eating foods. Not for long anyways. So then we must delve into the emotional reasons of why we’re checking out.

Some Questions to ask yourself about your emotions.
Why do you check out?
How does it serve you?

Questions to ask yourself about your emotions & food.
What happens for you while you’re eating?
What happens when you’re finished eating?
What emotions surface during? after?

Choose what you’re eating.
Ask yourself in the 30 seconds before eating a food…
How does this food nourish my body?
Will eating this food give to me? Or take from me?
Will this food cause inflammation & require an increased detox reaction?
Will this food encourage growth & healing?

Choose to eat foods that nourish your body.
When you CHOOSE something, you’ve assessed the pros & cons & then made a decision that is best for you. This doesn’t mean that you never eat a hamburger & fries again, but it does means that 80-90% of the time, you choose to nourish your body with food that gives your body the right information. In essence, that’s what food is – information for your machinery to function.

-Dr. Krista Moyer, Naturopathic Doctor


Please check out the original post on Naturopath Dr. Moyer’s site here.

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