Easy tips for avoiding the flu

Fighting off a flu this season is probably easier to do than you would expect. From flu shots to immune booster, avoiding being in public spaces for too long, and filtering the air there are many a complicated remedy for cold and flu season. The answer may actually lie in what you surround yourself with rather than what you actively avoid. Being outdoors (or bringing the outside in), and simply washing your hands regularly with soap and water can help to keep you flu-free this season.

In the winter time, especially, we are more prone to being indoors where the heating systems are on and the air continuously circulated. Many people actually believe that being out in the cold will result in a cold when it seems quite the opposite is true. Of course, being out in the cold too long can cause other issues, but it won’t necessarily facilitate a flu infection. It is these indoors spaces that aren’t doing our immune systems any favours. It is important to have some exposure to foreign microbes, this is what primes our bodies and our immune defenses when colds and flu come around. Having had this exposure, your body is ready and more efficient at fighting off infection. When we are sequestered indoors for long periods, we are solely exposed to familiar bacteria, nothing to challenge the body. In addition, the pathogenic bugs that give us the most trouble this time of year are the ones that are associated with humans.

A radio interview with microbiologist Jack Gilbert, posted on here&Now, let’s us in on the easiest tips for strong immune system- getting outdoors, and spending time with animals, specifically dogs as they are a natural link to the outdoors. Washing hands with soap and water is the key to avoiding the transfer of bacteria from your sick co-worker to you, no need to steer clear of them entirely.


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