Does Natural Mean Healthy?

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Recently reading through an Alive Magazine online article they brought up a great point- “natural” doesn’t always mean healthy. In today’s market, we, as consumers, are more conscious of what we are eating and whether or not there is a better option. Unfortunately, the term “natural” is not a regulated one so there isn’t much stopping manufacturers from putting it on their packing except for maybe a good conscience.

Regardless of whatever food item “natural” is plastered onto is actually good for you, the word is still not synonymous with others like “certified organic,” “fair trade,” and “non-GMO.” Those are the ones that do truly mean something. The article The Meaning of “Natural” also gave mention of the CBC Marketplace feature on nitrites. In the investigation they found that a prominent Canadian meat manufacturer advertised their deli meat as “preservative free;” however, the product contains cultured celery extract, a natural source of nitrites. This is a good example of something that is natural, but it is still a preservative and can still negatively affect your health.

The article linked to above goes into more detail and illuminates more issues with unhealthy natural foods. The article also includes some insight and advice from a Vancouver Naturopathic Doctor that you can use to make optimal choices in the grocery store.

Photo credit: Jorge-11

Photo credit: Jorge-11

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