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Photo:  Hey Paul Studios, Flickr

Photo: Hey Paul Studios, Flickr

The stomach and digestive organs are where the body converts food into energy, absorbs life providing nutrients, disposes waste in to the bowels and purges the body of toxins.  From a Naturopathic approach, treating digestive issues can relieve secondary issues and symptoms as it’s believed that healing takes place from within and works outward.

It’s easy to understand that many people suffer from gastro-intestinal problems as our world is overbearing with tempting yet unhealthy foods of which many people are intolerant, the over-prescription of ‘good’ bacteria killing anti-biotics, and bodily havoc-wreaking stress, causing our digestive system to perform poorly resulting in a multitude of problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, acid reflux and many, many more.

The way to maintaining a healthy digestive system starts with a healthy diet.  From the obvious advice of not over-eating, avoiding processed and sugary foods, and drinking plenty of water, to less known tips for good digestion like consuming bitter herbs like dandelion and fennel.  There are almost endless resources to help design a healthy diet that works for you.  Start here with this informative article from our friends at the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and learn about gut-function, what causes it to under-perform, the risks that go along with poor digestion, and how Naturopathic medicine excels at diagnosing and treating digestive disorders.


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