Deep Tissue Massage in Vancouver

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Are your muscles feeling sore and achy from your manual labour job? Do your neck and shoulders tense up regularly from working at a desk all day? Perhaps you live an active lifestyle and need a little TLC after a long afternoon outside. Deep tissue massage in Vancouver is designed to relieve tension and pain in the deeper layers of the muscles and fascia connective tissues.

Deep tissue massage can feel more intense than a relaxation massage. This is the result of intense focused work on particular areas of the body. Depending on the area being worked on, there may be various levels of discomfort. It is always very important to communicate with your massage therapist and let them know how you are feeling during your treatment. Deep tissue massage should never involve extreme discomfort. 

The benefits include: muscle tension, postural problems, osteoarthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, limited mobility, lower back pain and recovery from injuries. Deep tissue massage is detoxifying and most people tend to feel very relaxed after treatment. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water before and after your treatment. 

Many of the Registered Massage Therapists here at Broadway Wellness in Vancouver, are well experienced with deep tissue massage. You can read about all of our therapists here. Feel free to book your appointment online or call us at 604-732-5222 and our front desk team would be happy to assist you. 

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