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deep tissue massageMany people with a preference for a firmer pressure massage often ask for a deep tissue massage. What exactly is a deep tissue treatment? It can be similar to the relaxing Swedish massage technique, but with firmer slow kneading strokes and a different goal for treatment. This approach allows the RMT to target deeper layers of muscle and fascia connective tissue. Deep tissue massage is suited to releasing adhesions or “knots”, rehabilitating injuries, postural correction, repetitive strain to name a few.

The amount of pressure that feels deep is completely subjective, and also depends on the state of your muscle and tissue groups coming into your treatment. For example, the same amount of pressure applied to a sore tight muscle will feel different than when the same is applied to a healthy pliable muscle. At times a tight muscle may not even illicit a pain response or feel sore to you, but under the trained hands of a RMT it will become apparent that these muscles need to worked through gradually. Too much pressure in these cases can sometimes cause spasms, or “push back” or guarding by tensing up – this is the body saying it needs something different, your RMT can pick up on these signals and adjust the pressure and/or the specific technique. A deep tissue treatment is intended to reach the deeper layers of tissue, and a trained RMT will palpate and assesses those layers throughout a treatment in order to provide you with the most effective care.

Please note that all deep tissue treatments will start out with a lighter pressure in order to warm up the muscles and tissues for treatment. If ever during a treatment you experience discomfort, always let your therapist know! A deep tissue treatment does not have to be painful to be effective.

There are multiple conditions that can be treated using deep tissue massage such as:

  • Lower back pain
  • Mobility and posture problems
  • Muscle tension in upper back, hamstrings, quadriceps, and other parts of the legs
  • Tennis elbow and other related musculoskeletal conditions
  • Stress
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle Rehab
  • Scar Tissue
  • Chronic Pain

While the benefits can be great, a deep tissue treatment is not for everyone. Certain medical predispositions or diagnoses are not a fit for such a treatment. This is why you will always be asked to complete a health history form when visiting the clinic for the first time, and also why it is important to update your therapist if anything changes to your health between visits. Your treatments are always tailored to your goals, and your needs.

If you are looking to book with a RMT at Broadway Wellness whose treatment approach includes a deep, firmer pressure with massage, please consider booking with: Michael Scottnicki, Char Hunter, Nathan Johnson, Liz Schaeffer, Dana Anderchek, Mai Holmes, or Brandon Benson.

Broadway Wellness is a friendly and community focused clinic, offering services in the heart of Fairview – near Broadway & Oak. Our Vancouver clinic was established with a strong foundation in Registered Massage Therapy, and has expanded to encompass Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture, as a multi-disciplinary clinic. Please feel free to call us for more information at 604-732-5222 or book an appointment online.

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