Craniosacral Therapy for Asperger’s Syndrome

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We have previously touched on craniosacral therapy (CST) and how it differs from massage therapy. Our previous What Is It? blog dives further into the subject but let’s review that a little  here.

Craniosacral Therapy is a form of bodywork or manual therapy that works directly with the body’s nervous system, from top to bottom. It incorporates work with both the cranium (skull and jaw) and the spinal cord all the way down through the neck to the lumbar vertebrae in low back, where it branches off and spreads throughout the sacrum- just before the tail bone. The nervous system is how the body relays messages to the brain. Depending on how we process those messages, the brain will send out the appropriate response whether that be a motor response or something more physiological.

Photo credit: DJ

Photo credit: DJ

Considering what we know about the nervous system, there are instances where the response returned from the brain is not the appropriate one, or there can be a delay or a blockage. Craniosacral therapy is a great resource for working through these “kinks” in the system. A Vancouver RMT can be trained in CST to use gentle manipulations of the skeletal structures and membranes that support the nervous system and cerebral spinal fluid aim to optimize its function.

This background information gives us a good indication as to why CST would be beneficial for someone with a neurodevelopmental disorder such as Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. In an effort to unravel and rewire mind-body connections, those who live with Autism can see noticeable differences with craniosacral therapy treatments. The article Taking of Autism with Craniosacral Therapy chronicles a mother’s journey through seeking CST treatments for her daughter’s Asperger’s and how that inspired her to start another career path as a massage therapist.

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