Combined Approach: Massage Therapy and Naturopathy for Scar-Tissue Related Issues

Treating scar tissue of a keloid (tougher, thicker, more prolific than regular scar tissue) nature can sometimes be quite hard on the hands of a massage therapist, but necessary in order to make progress when it comes to injury-related or surgical-related keloid scar tissue in particular.  A complementary therapy can be that last piece of the puzzle allowing for the most effective care.

Sometimes a person who heals with keloid scar tissue will make less progress with manual therapy alone. In some cases, RMTs at our Vancouver wellness clinic have been referring to a Naturopathic Doctor, hoping for some complementary treatment to help target and soften the scar tissue so as the massage therapy treatments could progress more effectively. A Naturopath can prescribe homeopathy or supplements to break down scar tissue, as well as perform acupuncture before manual therapy treatments to speed up progress with breaking down scar tissue causing structural and functional symptoms. Massage Therapists have been noticing a significant shift with their hands. They often find they can work with the scar tissue much more effectively – it will present as noticeably less fibrous and more malleable after complementary help with an ND as outlined above.

Sometimes a single therapeutic modality is all it takes to correct discomfort and imbalance. Other times, another treatment can be integrated in the healing plan in order to address the root of the problem from all angles, in a way that is not possible with one.


Broadway Wellness is a friendly and community focused clinic, offering services in the heart of Fairview – near Broadway & Oak. Our Vancouver clinic was established with a strong foundation in Registered Massage Therapy, and has expanded to encompass Chiropractic Care with Network Spinal Analysis, and Naturopathic Medicine, as a multi-disciplinary clinic.

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