Caring for Fascia

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The topic of tension and discomfort in the body can often lead back to fascia. Fascia envelopes all of us- our bones, our muscles, organs, tendons, ligaments. That’s why if the fascia is needing attention, structures enveloped by  it will seem to as well.

“The body part you don’t know you have,” as Oprah, or her blog writer, writes of Fascia.   Fascia needs to be cared for more than we think our muscles do. The blog, found here, provides tips on how you can care for your fascia, and yourself. Outside of seeing a trained therapists- such as our Vancouver RMTs– there are things you can do on your own, at home! Stretching, of course, being one of the most important. Have a read through the article and see how you can make your fascia happy. While the topic of fascia usually flies under the radar, if Oprah is talking about it, we all will be.

Photo credit: Dysanovic

The Vancouver massage therapists at Broadway Wellness are friendly and passionate therapists who strive to work with you on your pathway to recovery and wellness. RMTs are trained in a number of massage techniques which includes those focused primarily on fascia. Whether you turn to massage therapy for treatment of an injury or condition, or to relax and decompress, we certainly have the resources to help you within our Vancouver massage therapy clinic which has grown to include chiropractic care and naturopathic medicine. To book your next appointment please feel free to give us a call at 604-732-5222, or book online here.

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