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Some clichés are simply true, like ‘it’s all connected’.  We can look at this in the sense of the interconnectedness of the multi-faceted aspects of ourselves.  From there we can see the connections between us, each individuals, as part of a series of communities and networks: family, work, friends etc.  At Broadway Wellness, we try to reflect individual and community connection in the sense of individual practitioners offering a variety of therapies as part of a solid integrated group.  Our logo is reflective of this: a tree, being a solid stock with many branches.

The human form is multifaceted and rich in complexity, and yet we represent a unified bunch in many ways.  Broadway Wellness is a centre offering healthcare to a multifaceted, yet unified – community – we offer several modalities under one roof.

Broadway is our location as a street, yet there’s a subtle twist of words, and a pun within the name as well – healthcare can be broad – there are many ways to do it.

We move through life experiencing our physical selves, our emotional and mental selves, our spiritual selves – in the way we relate with our reality and our experiences.  Of course we get bumped and bruised along the way too.  When we hit a bump in the road – the goal is to return to comfort, back to ourselves – who we are without our pain holding us back and binding us.

Pain and discomfort comes in many forms, and treatment modalities are thus just as varied and rich.  A symptom can be a sprained ankle, chronic digestive tension, or migraine headaches.  It can mean seeing the world through the lens of anxiety, or being stuck in a mental or emotional pattern that hooks us in; this can show up in our bodies in a variety of ways as well.

No matter at what level, pain and discomfort can be an open invitation to come back to ourselves, to see and experience the world freed up from pain and tension once again.   As a process, this can require different healthcare avenues to explore for different people – the human form is complex, and each set of circumstances unique.

That is why we feel it makes sense to offer several independent, yet integrated services to our community.


Our core group of therapists are RMT’s – registered massage therapists – they work manually, and they can work with an enormous array of physical symptoms – from sports and motor vehicle injuries – to complex digestive issues – to pregnancy related issues, and chronic pain in the many ways it can present.

In addition, we offer chiropractic care, holistic counseling, naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, reflexology, and integrated qi gong.  The richness of what this centre offers is designed to respect you, nourish you, and hold space for the multi-faceted you as you stay on course and keep your pain and burden light.

We offer this set of services in a comfortable and inviting setting: serene music, treatment tables with flannel and cotton linens – heated to comfort, plants and warm lighting surrounding, and natural light subtly streaming in from a row of screened windows surrounding the outer walls of every room.


The words above describe the general philosophy underlying the integrated scope of our clinic.  We hope to use these general guideline to meet you where you’re at, and we do our best to facilitate and steer you in the direction you wish to go with regard to your health and self care.

For more information, you can call Broadway Wellness at 604-732-5222, or email us at clinic@broadwaywellness.org

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