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It’s almost Spring in Vancouver. With the sun shining more often and the days growing longer, more people are getting outside and being active. Sports Massage Therapy can be a helpful part of gearing up for a physical fitness routine in Vancouver outdoor months.

You don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from a sports massage therapy technique. On the contrary, anyone who performs repetitive motion and is looking to prevent injury and increase range of motion can benefit. Even if you work out occasionally or are just looking to improve post-gym recovery, registered massage therapy can help.

Physical Training and Massage Therapy

In a recent article in The Province, John Stanton writes about the importance of athletic or sports massage for those training for Vancouver’s upcoming Sun Run. “The very best way to cross the finish line at the Sun Run is injury-free and with a smile on your face,” he writes. In order to achieve this, Stanton recommends that those who are training for the marathon event include visits with a Registered Massage Therapist for sports massage as part of their training regimen.

By helping overtrained or even injured muscles to recover, sports massage helps people to train more effectively and avoid overdoing it. In addition, if you are increasing your level or type of physical activity, sports massage can help you perform better by increasing your range of motion.

Vancouver Sports Massage Therapy at Broadway Wellness

At Broadway Wellness Vancouver, many of our practitioners can help people with their fitness goals, whatever they may be. We have several registered massage therapists who are experienced with Vancouver sports massage. Please visit our website here for a full list of our dedicated and passionate RMT’s! You can easily book an appointment with any of them through our online booking system.

If have any questions regarding Vancouver sports massage therapy or if you require assistance booking an appointment, call 604.732.5222 to speak with our Front Desk Team or send an email to


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