Beat the Winter Blues with Massage Therapy

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winter [win-ter]


  •  a period like winter, as the last or final period of life; a period of decline, decay, inertia, dreariness, or adversity.
Photo:  Flóra Soós, Flickr

Photo: Flóra Soós, Flickr

That’s one of the definitions, and although we wouldn’t be quite so dramatic, winter on the Wet Coast can indeed be dark, cold, wet, and miserable.  We’re lucky out here to be surrounded by the year round green of our coniferous beauties, but the rays of sun and blue of the sky become a thing of legend, only spoken of by elders that keep alive tales of the elusive Vancouver sunshine, offering a glimmer of hope to the pale and shivering youngsters that by each passing rainy day may be beginning to question the authenticity of such folklore.

Living in a coastal temperate rain forest like we do means accepting that our environment serves us a whopping two or three months of sunshine a year that always seems to be either in the ancient past or distant future, and what comes along with that are the very real effects of the winter blues, AKA Seasonal Affective Disorder, or (very appropriately) SAD.

Many of us are negatively affected by the darkening of the summer light, and the shorter hours of it.  We can become irritable, tired, and cranky.  It can affect our jobs, relationships, and ultimately, our overall health.  In other words, SAD is a form of depression.  And as there are different ways to treat depression, we suggest seeing a registered massage therapist as a means of improving your overall mood by correcting the structural support of your shoulders, chest, and abdomen that can physically collapse under feelings of hopelessness, or helplessness associated with depression.

Our friends at always have a way of explaining things in a thorough and concise manner…  Check out their article about treating depression with massage here.


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