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Photo: Justin Marx, Flickr

Photo: Justin Marx, Flickr

Modern medicine has given us the ability to live longer than ever before, but many of these anti-aging benefits are offset by eating poorly.  The visible signs of aging are a given and part of the natural process and we can intervene on many levels – for better or for worse.  In the same way poor nutrition can promote premature aging and disease, healthy food can contribute to a role of combating the aging process.

It’s true that no food or supplement magically causes your wrinkles to disappear.  But maintaining a healthy diet throughout your life in general, particularly with certain’super foods’ in your weekly intake, can strengthen your immune system, improve the function of major organs, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and bolster your memory.  Strength in these areas of health can be regarded as what make someone feel, and look, younger.

By now it should be fairly obvious that processed food high in sugars and bad fats are not doing you any favours in the long run.  It can also be quite overwhelming to imagine where to start in sorting out a healthier diet, so you may be surprised that there’s a pretty non-threatening list of super healthy foods that you might already have in your kitchen.  If not, they are easy to find…

Take a look at this list of of nutrient packed, anti-oxidant rich, immune system supporting (in other words, anti-aging) foods you have no excuse to not integrate in to your diet.  Trust that you’ll feel the effects quickly.

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