Acupuncture for Migraines

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Those who suffer from migraines know better than most how finding the right treatment, and the most effective relief, is like finding gold. A migraine can be debilitating, and really affect your quality of life at work and at home. Much evidence has supported seeking out the hands of a Registered Massage Therapist to relieve migraine pain, but acupuncture is now gaining popularity for the same reason, and rightly so.A recent study showed that acupuncture was superior to drug therapy for relieving pain associated with migraine headaches. Findings were published in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine that suggest acupuncture is not only better for pain relief, but also more cost effective than a wide variety of pharmaceutical products. Relief wasn’t measured for a single migraine, but rather how the condition transformed over a period of 12 months based on frequency, duration and severity. Most participants who experienced the acupuncture treatment noticed an 80% decrease in migraine symptoms and no side-effects (which cannot often be said about drug counterparts).

Photo credit: marniejoyce

Photo credit: marniejoyce

To read on for more details, have a look at the editorial titled: Acupuncture Superior to Drug Therapy for Migraines.

To get acupuncture therapy for treatment of a persistent condition such as a migraine, a Naturopathic Doctor is a valuable option. Some don’t realize that part of a Naturopath’s education involves training and certification in acupuncture. In conjunction with the rest of their knowledge of medicine and the human body, they are able to assess pain relief from the origin, rather than focusing on the symptoms.


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