Acupuncture at Broadway Wellness this Winter

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Acupuncture in winterHave you ever been curious about Chinese Medicine? Treating yourself to Acupuncture at Broadway Wellness this winter may be the perfect way to relax you!

The goal of Chinese Medicine is to attain harmony with nature. It is important to cultivate an awareness of our natural environment and to begin to understand its effect on our life. Attaining this harmony helps to strengthen the immune system and organ vitality, allowing us to stay healthy throughout the year.

According to Chinese Medicine, Winter is the most Yin season. Yin energy represents our dark, cold, slow, inward energy. The Summer is the most Yang season, where yang is yin’s opposite, and represents light, hot, quick, expansive energy. Summer weather is warm and the days are long which encourages us to be more active, while the winter environment is more suitable for resting and recharging. Just as we tend to be more active in the day and sleep in the evenings, winter is a natural season to regain our strength. This is why some animals hibernate in the winter.

The Winter is the ideal time to relax the mind and calm our emotions by looking inward and reflecting on ourselves. It can be a good time to pay more attention to practices like meditation, writing, yoga, taichi and qigong. These practices, along with therapies like acupuncture and massage help us connect to our inner selves and strengthen our depleted organ energy.

Winter is a good season to be more aware of all the ways we are spending our energy. Traditionally, Chinese Medicine guides you to expend you energy on activities that align with your heart, helping to connect you with who you are and your reason for being.

The holiday season usually finds us overextending ourselves. As the new year comes around, it is a good time to renew our focus on getting back to a more harmonious and healthy life. Consider making an acupuncture appointment this winter to help relax and calm your mind and revitalize your strength!

Brian Kushniruk, RAc has been practicing Acupuncture in Vancouver since 2002. He has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), German Auricular Medicine and Laser Acupuncture Therapy, while he is also a National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) trainer. His combination of TCM, auricular and laser acupuncture approaches allow for the treatment of a wide range of issues. You can book an acupuncture appointment with Brian here.

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