A Fun Way Students Are Combatting Exam Stress

As exam season is in full swing for many students, studying the content of courses may not be the hardest thing students will have to deal with. With class exams, provincial exams, and final exams determining so much of the final course result, students are facing new challenges with stress and anxiety management.

“Stress-bursting” weeks are becoming a growing trend on university campuses. Student union groups have been creating spaces on campus for students to access everything from cuddly puppies to massage. One student group at a university in the UK has even ordered hundreds of yards of bubble wrap as a ‘stress-bursting’ measure. That instant gratification from popping those tiny plastic bubbles has more of a therapeutic effect than you thought!

Other campuses have established petting zoos, and visits from puppies to soothe student stress. While involving animals may not be the answer (potentially increasing stress for the animals), it is great that students are realizing the importance of mental well being and taking action to focus on mental health. Bubble wrap, bouncy castles, and massage sound pretty good in times of stress too though!

Read more about where students are aiming to make this and future exam periods less stressful in the BBC News article titled, Exam stress tackled by bubble wrap and puppies.


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