7 Reasons Why You Should See a Naturopath

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It has been engrained in many of us to head to the closest walk-in when things aren’t feeling quite as they should. What is not yet as conventional is the option to see a Naturopathic Doctor.  While a Medical Doctor tends to administer medicines in an effort to cure what ails you (ie. to treat your symptoms), a Naturopathic Doctor will work to find and correct the origin of the symptom. And a ND is often able to spend more time with you – collecting a thorough history is key component of your visit.  A common misconception is that one must be a part of one camp or the other – MD or ND – but a Naturopathic Doctor can also provide wonderfully complementary care to those suffering through difficult medicinal treatment plans such as chemo, for example, and support the body’s immune system through most care plans.

Here are a few reasons to see a Naturopathic Doctor:

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1) Your blood pressure is creeping up, or you have type 2 diabetes
2) Your hormones are out of whack
3) Your stomach is killing you
4) You’re feeling depressed or anxious
5) Your heartburn is out of control
6) You’re suffering from an autoimmune condition
7) You have cancer

If you’d like to read more in-depth into these particular reasons, check out the article Ever Heard of a Naturopath? Here’s why you may want to see one.

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