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Address and Eliminate Adrenal Fatigue with Naturopathy

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Adrenal fatigue, also known as non-Addison’s hypoadrenia, sub-clinical hypoadrenia, neurasthenia, adrenal neurasthenia, and adrenal apathy, is a syndrome (a collection of signs and symptoms) that results when the functioning of the adrenal glands perform below the necessary level.  Adrenal fatigue is most commonly associated with stress, but can also emerge during or after chronic infections,… Read more »

What’s wrong? How did it happen?

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So, there is an issue at hand, you’re experiencing discomfort. Do you know what you were doing when it started? How is it aggravated or triggered? The mechanics and the storyline help a massage therapist piece the puzzle together to establish the most effective treatment plan. While a treatment does have to allow the therapist to listen to body… Read more »

Tennis Ball to the Rescue

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Maybe you’ve got painful ‘knots’ in your back and shoulders or a sore lower lumbar.  Or perhaps sore hamstrings or calves from a big walk or run.  And of course everyone can feel an achy tightness in the arches of their feet after a long day at work.  All this and there’s no one around… Read more »