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Stretch Inside and Out

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As the weather gets a bit grey, so can our health. They do call it a “cold and flu season” after all. But we can’t let that get in the way so we do all that we can to keep our bodies happy and healthy. To avoid getting sick, you don’t have to lock yourself… Read more »

Becoming More Mindful

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Are you a commuter? Chances are you’ve thought of and tried all kinds of things to help pass the time – music, video, podcasts, books – but, how about mindfulness? Sure the commute is a great time to feed the Netflix binge watching urge but it is also a good time to check in with… Read more »

Every Body is a Different Body

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Have you ever been exercising or at the gym, watching people around you, and wondering why some other people can bend a bit deeper, or reach a bit farther? It doesn’t necessarily have only to do with fitness or how much you train. Everybody’s body is different. Yes, the foundation and purpose of the structures are the… Read more »