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Karen Morch, Craniosacral Therapist

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Karen Morch, Craniosacral Therapist, Advanced Energy Healer + Intuitive, Honours B.A., B.Ed, will be returning to Vancouver for a visit in February 2017 and will be taking appointments at Broadway Wellness on February 14th + 16th. Please call the clinic or book online here.

Colder Temperatures & Muscle Aches

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Aside from wanting to tense up and bring the extremities in closer into the body for warmth, there are other physiological reasons why we tend to suffer from more muscle and joint soreness in the winter months. The colder temperatures make it more difficult for the body to maintain its ideal thermal equilibrium, and the internal… Read more »

Tip of the week: BPA

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Why a “BPA-free” label on plastics may be meaningless We’re all familiar with the buzz BPA (Bisphenol A) has received in recent years due to its prolific presence in plastics, and concerns relating to hormone production, human reproduction, metabolism, and neurological functions. BPA got all the media attention becoming the focus of most studies and… Read more »

Welcoming Winter Workouts!

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As the temperature drops and the snow continues to fall, we find ourselves parting ways with the sunny-day seaside activity routines we had established in warmer months. While it might be daunting to venture outdoors on to slippery sidewalks for your usual morning jog, there are lots of exercise options (and warm ones!) to keep you moving… Read more »