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Musicians – Small Muscle Athletes

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If you’ve ever been to the symphony, a rock concert, a basement jazz club, or a New York City subway station, you’ve witnessed the awe-inspiring skills of professional musicians.  Whether they are playing a guitar, a horn, drums, piano, or violin, they are moving quickly, precisely, sometimes furiously, and for hours on end. 

Massage Therapy and Conceiving a Child

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Many women find that treatment from a Registered Massage Therapist has all sorts of benefits for pregnant women.  What is less understood is the value Registered Massage has for women attempting to conceive and or undergoing fertility treatment.  Seeking the help of an RMT may be an avenue to explore for fertility enhancement and /… Read more »

Massage Your Belly: Self Abdominal Massage for Digestion

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Ever wished you could ease the discomfort of indigestion in a pinch, without the aid of pharmaceuticals?  There are some simple, non-invasive self-massage techniques which may help you out at a time your experiencing digestive discomfort.  Check out this article for some step-by-step self massage guidance. For more chronic digestive issues, such as irritable bowel… Read more »

Drinking Warm Water… Why?

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Do you crave cold water or hot water?  How about room temperature? Whatever your preference, as long as you’re drinking enough of it throughout the day, you’re doing it right.  That being said, cold water is known to cause the blood vessels surrounding the stomach to shrink, slowing absorption.  It also demands the body warm… Read more »