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$50 Summer Acupuncture Sessions with Dr. Krista Moyer, ND

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Summer’s in full swing and what better reason to celebrate the season of fire by helping your body’s functions of self healing through a revitalizing acupuncture session with Dr. Krista Moyer, ND. Dr. Krista is an experienced Vancouver Naturopathic doctor with extensive training in the 3000 year old practice of Acupuncture – a healing technique… Read more »

Shoulder Instability

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Shoulder instability is a condition in which the connective tissues of the ligaments and joint capsule surrounding the shoulder joint become loose and the bones that form the joint begin to move against each other. Certain repetitive movements of the arm like throwing a ball or falling on a outstretched arm, can cause pressure on… Read more »

Pelvic Floor Exercises

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Simply put, keeping our pelvic floor muscles strong as we age gives us greater control over the bowel and bladder.  If the pelvic floor muscles are allowed to weaken over time, internal organs lose critical support and can contribute to difficulty controlling the release of urine, faeces, and wind. Childbirth, constipation, and obesity are common… Read more »