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Francesca Farrell, RMT

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Broadway Wellness is thrilled to have Francesca Farrell, RMT join us.  Francesca is a widely respected, very experienced RMT in the community, available to treat her existing and new clients at Broadway Wellness on monday mornings 8am-2pm, friday mornings 8am-2pm, and sundays 9am-7pm. Read more about Francesca below:

Rachel Green RMT

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Vancouver Massage Therapy Article of the Week We are happy to welcome Rachel Green, Vancouver RMT to Broadway Wellness!  Rachel is available to treat new and existing clients on mondays 2:15pm-8:15pm; tuesdays 8am-2pm; sundays 9am-6pm. Please read on for Rachel’s information and insights below:

Lower stress with Network Spinal Analysis

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As chiropractic care has evolved over the years, one common misconception is that the practice is limited to chiropractors simply moving bones and joints.  It is now evident that quality chiropractic care can improve brain function, by restoring regulation of the body’s response systems, in particular, the response to stress.  Countless research findings are conclusive… Read more »

Naturopath Approved Recipes

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The path to good health starts in the kitchen.  Eating the right fruits, vegetables, and protein sources is how we maintain energy, strength, and the mental fortitude to make it through each day in this world.  But it can be daunting to know where to start, and how navigate the aisles while being distracted by… Read more »

Massage Therapy for Animals

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We, as humans,  proudly go to great lengths to make sure our furry friends (who are often regarded as family members) are as comfortable and happy as possible.  You already know the know the health benefits that a registered massage therapist can bring to your life, so why would it be any different for your… Read more »