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The World of Fascia

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We’d like to introduce you to fascia, the thin sheath that encloses our muscles and organs, and help you understand its function, how it can be damaged, and the importance of helping it to heal and return to its intended state. Fascia has been described (perhaps for lack of a better description) to resemble that… Read more »

Broadway Wellness Clinic News

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Broadway Wellness Clinic News We welcome Laura Rivere, RMT, our most recent addition to Broadway Wellness.  Below is a message from Laura: “Passionate about working with my hands from a very young age, I am truly honoured to be able to help others through the practice of massage therapy. As a massage practitioner, I consider… Read more »

5 recipes to fight the winter blues

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5 Yummy Recipes for February Blues: Christmas has come and gone.  Days are slowly getting longer, but we still have February ahead of us.  Here are some great food ideas to keep you company on these February evenings.  Have a look here for some February fun recipes. ______________ Vancouver Naturopath Article of the Week: 5 Yummy… Read more »

Massage Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis Relief

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People with multiple sclerosis suffer from their immune system attacking their nerves causing nerve damage.  Multiple sclerosis affects the spinal cord and brain inflicting pain and causing mobility issues, among other symptoms.  Although the treatment of multiple sclerosis usually involves medication to subdue the symptoms, in some cases massage therapy can be a beneficial supplement… Read more »