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Anti-Aging Super Food

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Modern medicine has given us the ability to live longer than ever before, but many of these anti-aging benefits are offset by eating poorly.  The visible signs of aging are a given and part of the natural process and we can intervene on many levels – for better or for worse.  In the same way… Read more »

Vancouver NSA Article of the Week – Stored Trauma

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When our bodies experience physical, emotional, or chemical stress that breaches what we can handle, it is imposed on our organs, tissues, and nervous system as stored trauma.  This can cause our bodies to engage a defensive posture, triggering us to move in a direction of physical impairment, a compounding deficiency in adapting to incoming… Read more »

The Sympathetic Nervous System Explained

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Our Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) increases functions in increments in response to varying levels of activity.  Normal physical and emotional activity yields a normal range of function.  Upon experiencing stress, danger, or threats to our lives, the SNS increases its output respectively with surges of adrenalin, constriction of muscles, and depletion of nerve impulses.  This… Read more »