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Massage and Bone Fracture

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Treatment from a registered massage therapist is an option that can help to reduce the pain and discomfort that comes along with a bone fracture, and can also assist in reducing edema and tension in the muscles of not only the affected area, but the framework that compensates for the injury as well.  A properly… Read more »

NSA Chiropractic and Stress

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Stress affects us from every angle and in many cases has become the daily norm.  Living with chronic stress can have a devastating effect on our lives by causing anxiety and depression, among many other serious health problems.  Understanding who we are, addressing our struggles and putting them in perspective can help us to take… Read more »

The Evolution of Medicine

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Vancouver Naturopath Article of the Week “The Evolution of Medicine, Functional Medicine if you will, is not about curing disease through procedures and drugs. It is about understanding our health and bodies as dynamic systems that can be altered by the choices we are empowered to make. This new medicine will shift the focus from… Read more »

Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a fairly common and chronic gastrointestinal disorder that can have a negative affect on your lifestyle and well being.  Typical symptoms are cramps, bloating, gas, and inconsistent bowel habits that range from constipation to sudden onset diarrhea.  There is no specific cause of IBS, but there are commonly known triggers… Read more »

The Benefits of Network Spinal Analysis

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The nervous system is akin to an electrical wiring system that distributes energy throughout the body allowing signals from the brain to dictate bodily functions.  When in a healthy, pristine state, this system is robust in its ability to heal itself naturally.  As life tends to take its toll on us physically and mentally through… Read more »