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What makes superfood super?  Superfoods are foods that are known for being incredibly healthy because they’re packed with antioxidents, vitamins, and nutrients.  Antioxidents are widely regarded to yield cancer-battling abilities, plus the ability to reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and help shield you from various diseases.  Add superfoods to your diet and reap the rewards… Read more »


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The stomach and digestive organs are where the body converts food into energy, absorbs life providing nutrients, disposes waste in to the bowels and purges the body of toxins.  From a Naturopathic approach, treating digestive issues can relieve secondary issues and symptoms as it’s believed that healing takes place from within and works outward. It’s… Read more »

Chemical Stress

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It’s safe to say that whatever is happening in your life in regards to your body, health, and lifestyle, is in some way affected by stress.  To help understand this concept one needs to expand on their interpretation of the word stress. The word stress is most commonly used to describe emotional stress – the… Read more »

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

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What is prenatal massage? Prenatal massage has many of the same goals as regular massage therapy – To improve circulation and mobility, ease pain and soreness, relax tense or strained muscles, and as well of course; simply make you feel better.  In the case of massage during pregnancy, studies are showing that it can reduce… Read more »